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Try Before You Buy

Here at the Mobiles App Store we are willing for a limited period to design and develop a mobile app for you so you can test and see the layout, design and functionality on your own Mobile Phone, iPad or tablet for 31 days before you buy anything.

As we offer some of the lowest prices in mobile app development we want you to start participating, engaging and using the power of our mobile app platform!

We believe in delivering value to our clients from the day we connect and want to make sure everything we do meets your expectation!

Improve customer service

One of the most beneficial reasons for building and developing an app you can improve your customer service. With the help of apps, everyone can connect while their on the go letting you open a direct two way line of communication. Reward your customers with coupons, scratch cards and loyalty programs through your app, can prove the best idea of keeping them coming back for more every time.

Boost sales

The next biggest reason to get into the app market is to improve sales. One of the ways to increase sales is by giving potential new customers real incentives to download their apps, such as special offers or contests. Another essential element of increasing sales through having a mobile app is by being easily accessible and always on your customers mind every time they look at their phone or tablet!

Mobiles App Store has three software options available that including Bronze, Silver and Gold app packs, however if you’re looking for the hand built native app we can serve that as well, just contact us for further details by clicking here.

It couldn’t be any easier to get going with having your very own personalised and Branded mobile app with so many functions available you are spoilt for choice and it doesn’t stop there either as we publish your app on the Apple Store, Google Play store and Amazon if wanted as an added feature.

We brand according to your requirements so you can start engaging with your app audience straight away with push notifications, call back button or use a contact us form as a few examples!

We can even set up a shopping cart were you can market your products through your app and use credit card payment or PayPal buttons to check out with, are you starting to see the potential?

Let us help manage your app and watch it downloaded through the app stores with insight analytic's included. We know how to go to market with an app as currently our own app has had over 37,000 downloads and growing day by day.

Think of how powerful this can be in get your message in front of your users just itching to download a new app!

Let us take all the complications out of developing a mobile app and watch it grow in to the most advanced marketing tool right in front of your eyes!

It’s important to remember we build our apps on multiple software platforms which are updated regularly, so your app will always be view-able and up to date when new technology arrives. No need to worry when new phones and tablet come in to the public domain we have it all covered all inclusive. This guarantees you will never need to update your mobile app again unless of course you want new features added.

For the more specialised functionality within an app we can hand build using web based responsive pages with API and RSS feeds or completely build as native as your needs require. We can even build and integrate database as you grow.

The mobile app software platforms we build on are used by many major brands such as Garnier, Fox News, Coca Cola, eBay, Reuters and many more, so you can be assured we connect you through the most up to date state of the art software only found through the mobiles app store.

All our apps are regularly updated in accordance with current trends including iOS, Apple and Android, making sure we keep you updated with no further development costs later on what so ever. This alone could save you thousands in further development costs in the future!